New Gallery: Ultima Forever’s Pirate Ship


This pirate ship scene was actually used in two dungeons in Ultima Forever, although only one of these was of any importance to the plot. And given the nature of the dungeons in which the pirate ships could be seen, it was quite possible — likely, even — that players would really only explore a small amount of the ship…to say nothing of the fact that the artwork for the ship covered a significantly greater area than was walkable during gameplay.

Case in point. It's not a wide field of view.

Case in point. It’s not a wide field of view.

So here it is in all its glory, along with most of its constituent pieces.

A huge note of thanks goes out to Fenyx4, who took on the task of assembling all of the pieces into the completed ship. He did fantastic work, and was given pause only by the fact that there is actually one missing piece of the ship that has not yet been found in the data I’ve recovered from the PC alpha release of Ultima Forever.

For the time being, I’ve filled in the missing piece with its in-game appearance, thanks to a well-placed screenshot. However, the in-game view of the asset is slightly lower quality than the rest of the pieces of the ship visible here. As such, should I happen upon the original art asset at some point, I’ll be sure to substitute it into the final image of the ship.