And Now Someone Is Translating Ultima 6 to Italian, As Well


So it seems that translating Ultima 6 to languages other than English is all the rage these days.

This project is yet another attempt to translate Ultima 6, this time into Italian. It’s an ambitious undertaking for one person, but Zhanka seems to be making good progress at getting the game’s text translated, using many of the same utilities that Sir John is using for his German translation of the game; utilities that are available right here on this subdomain, in fact.

Thus far, Zhanka has translated the introduction sequence and character creation questions in the game, and will presumably be moving on to the game’s dialogue and other text next. At present, there’s no indication of intent to translate in-game graphics, as Sir John has done with e.g. the title screen, but it’s certainly not impossible that Zhanka could opt to do this at some point.

At any rate, there is now a project entry for the game on the Ultima 6 subdomain. Thou mayest find some additional screenshots thereat.