Portalarium Has Contracted Another 3D Animator for Shroud of the Avatar


I noticed, whilst reviewing the most recent entry in the Standup Corner thread (accessible only by Developler-level backers or higher) at the Shroud of the Avatar forums that yet another new name had been added to the list of those working on the game. This time around, a certain Brandon Lackey had been added to the team roster.

Mr. Lackey is, per his LinkedIn profile, a 3D animator available for contract hire, having previously worked in animation roles at various gaming and other media studios in the Austin area. He is also affiliated with Meta 3D Studios, and it would appear that it is through this gig that he has come to work on Shroud of the Avatar.

It’s probably a good sign that Portalarium is bringing on still yet more artistic talent to work on Shroud of the Avatar. Certainly, it means they’re putting those pledge dollars to good use.