OpenMW: Belated Easter Message, Progress Notes


A short wish for peace at Easter time was posted to the OpenMW website just recently. And accompanying it was a report on the progress the team has been making of late:

Like last time, we made more improvements to AI. NPCs now face the players – it’s a very important change, because nobody likes to be ignored, right? Also, Cc9cii fixed a physics bug. Since then, we’ve discovered that the engine’s performance improved!

Scrawl is just criminal… ah nooo! He’s focusing on the “crime and punishment” system! – Oh yeah! I like that! 🙂

OpenCS still doesn’t have all the necessary functions. Unfortunately, only Zini is working on editor development, but he is a one-man powerhouse! The newest changes concern region maps, where we added new menu actions: opening in the table view and also creating a new cell.

As usual, then, the team is hard at work refining the engine and enhancing its capabilities.