LEGO SotA: Owl’s Head in Micro Scale


Joseph Drasin recently took a stab at reconstructing the upper, walled-off portion of Owl’s Head, one of the towns that has been a consistent feature of the early Shroud of the Avatar releases, using LEGO. Because it would have been time and cost-prohibitive to built that part of the town using the normal LEGO scale, he instead opted to do it in a style called Micro Scale:

Microscale (sometimes called miniscale) is a style of Lego design in which buildings and landscape are represented significantly smaller than the standard 1:48 minifig scale. As opposed to the minifig scale in which buildings are sized for the standard Lego minifig, microscale may use only a handful of pieces to represent a building. In this technique, the focus on use of creative use of pieces.

This page presents the majority of the player housing options (in-game pictures taken from Forsaken Virtues) along with their microscale Lego version. Using these as elements, I have made a mockup of OwlsHead’s city district.

You can see the finished result above, or at least a screen capture of it from LEGO Digital Designer. And at the LEGO SotA site, you can find a breakdown of how each building from Shroud of the Avatar has been re-created using only a handful of LEGO pieces.