Bethesda Thursdays

The Elder Scrolls Online

We got a look at the character creator for Zenimax Online’s upcoming MMORPG this week, and it turns out that it affords players a significant amount of control over pretty much every cosmetic aspect of their character(s).

In other words, you’ll spend a goodly number of hours just tweaking your character, before you even get around to adventuring around in the game proper.

Mods, mods, mods

I’ve linked to this article at PC Gamer a couple times now, but here it is once more on account of a particularly nasty Skyrim mod being included therein.

And it turns out that the The Elder Scrolls modding community lost one of its best and brightest recently; modder Qarl passed away from liver disease.

In happier news, Bethesda interviewed another modder, one Fliggerty, about the longevity of Morrowind modding. Relatedly, OpenMW had a pretty good week again. For those of you who use Fedora, there’s now a Fusion repository for the project!