Shroud of the Avatar: Dungeon and Cave Kit Released on Unity Asset Store

Portalarium have released the first Shroud of the Avatar asset kit to the Unity Asset Store. The Dungeon and Cave Kit combines the contents of the previously released asset kits into one package:

The Dungeon and Cave kit includes more than 200 pieces that snap together seamlessly on an 8x8m grid.

Textures have been created such that they blend seamlessly together no matter how they are rotated. Pieces come in narrow and wide widths, wall pieces can be tiled for high ceilings. Connection pieces exist so you can easily connect the crypt like dungeon set with the more natural cave set!

Low poly counts (most pieces in the 300-2500 vert range) and heavy material reuse make this set suitable for many mobile devices.

As I understand it, the auto-snap script that Portalarium created to aid and speed up scene creation in Shroud of the Avatar is also included with the kit on the Unity Asset Store. We’ve also got it here, at the Ultima Codex, if not.

This first asset kit retails for $90, which is reasonably comparable to other large dungeon creation asset kits available on the Asset Store.