Hearth of Britannia Announces the Telethon of the Avatar

Rustic Dragon had something…massive…planned for later this month. All the anticipation, all the teasing, has been build-up for this:


That’s right…Rustic intends to hold a 24-hour marathon fundraising drive for Shroud of the Avatar, and aims to raise $1,000,000 more for Richard Garriott’s upcoming project.

Tier 1

Twenty-four drawings, every hour on the the hour for Tier I Prizes. Anyone who pledges any amount is eligible for Tier I drawings. Additionally, anyone who joins the hang out to say hello is entered.*

  • ?????? ?? ????????? ???????? (This prize hasn’t been guessed yet)
  • Virtue Cards: Set of 12 (yes, 12!)
  • ?E?E??S ?? ???I?? ????? (This prize hasn’t been guessed yet)

Tier 2

Eight drawings, every three hours on the hour for Tier II Prizes. Anyone who pledges $25 or more is eligible for Tier II and above drawings. Additionally, anyone who participates in one of the segments** (e.g. Music Conservatory) will be entered into Tier II and above drawings.***

  • Hearth of Britannia Shirts
  • ?????? ?????? (This prize hasn’t been guessed yet)

Tier 3

Four drawings, every six hours on the hour for Tier III Prizes. The criteria for eligibility is the same as Tier II.

Tier 4

Two drawings, every twelve hours on the hour for Tier IV Prizes. The criteria for eligibility is the same as Tier II.

Tier 5

One drawing, at the very end of the twenty-four hour event for the Tier V Prize. The criteria for eligibility is the same as Tier II.

Tier 6

Tier VI Prizes are special one-off prizes that cannot be won in a drawing. These will appear randomly throughout the event, a donation goal will be set, and the first person who donates at that goal will receive the Tier VI prize.

Tier 7

Tier VII Prizes also cannot be won in a drawing. Tier VII prizes are reservered only for recruiters. Afterall, we *are* a community right? Anyone who donates at the $45 level or above during the event and gets someone else to do the same gets a special prize. The person who refers the most friends (all at the $45 level or higher during the 24 hour event) will win the top prize of the entire event.

To get a recruit, simply have them reference your name when they forward me their confirmation email. Remember, both of you must be at the $45 level or higher during the event, not before or after.

  • What is top prize? Our generous benefactor, The Origin Museum, is still deciding that. However, it has been assured to me that it will be a truly worthy prize.

As well, he is offering several prizes (with more to come!) for donations that match the Shroud of the Avatar pledge tiers. Here’s what he has revealed thus far:

Pledge Tier
SotA Rewards
Hearth of Britannia Rewards

Thank you email
  • High resolution digital image of the Virtue Card or ?E?E??S ?? ???I?? ????? of the hour, emailed to you
  • One entry into the Tier I Prizes drawing

  • Digital Locker access
  • One entry into Tier II Prizes and above drawings

  • (all of the above)
  • Personal tour of Britannia Manor with Lord British
  • “Arch Duke” title
Full, catered feast at the Hearth of Britannia for you and up to 10 guests. (Travel expenses not covered)

Now, it goes without saying that what Rustic Dragon is doing is in no way officially affiliated with Portalarium or development on Shroud of the Avatar. However, Rustic Dragon would like to see that project’s coffers enriched, and is putting on this event to stoke more interest in Shroud of the Avatar…and to encourage people to pledge (or pledge more) to its development. He won’t be collecting pledges at his site; pledges should be made to Portalarium at the Shroud of the Avatar website.

For more details, check out the FAQ page that Rustic Dragon has set up. And get ready for August 24th; it’s going to be a big day!