Shroud of the Avatar: Three Month Demo, Narrated by Richard Garriot

You know, it’s funny…I was just reading some complaints this morning about the lowish video quality that has characterized recent footage of the RTX demo build of Portalarium’s Shroud of the Avatar. Well, now it’s the afternoon, and Portalarium have released some higher-resolution footage of the gameplay demo, narrated for us by none other than Richard Garriott himself:

Naturally, I took the opportunity to grab some higher-resolution stills of some of the key systems and moments in the demo.

The more I watch it in action, the more I fall in love with the typed dialogue system and its elegant implementation. I’m not entirely sold on it, and I worry that the game won’t necessarily respond well to sentences that contain multiple keywords in context, but it does look slick, and the level of immersion it will add to the game (given how participatory it requires the player to be) will no doubt be significant. The journal-less quest system is likewise a welcome feature (or lack-of-feature, as the case may be).

And of course, we hear that the name of this particular city is called “Owl’s Head”, we learn that towns can be protected by Tesla towers somehow, and we even hear that the projected development cycle for Forsaken Virtues — the first Shroud of the Avatar game — is eighteen months, of which three have elapsed, putting the game’s release date in roughly October of next year.

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