Shroud of the Avatar: See the Darkstarr Moondial in Action

Portalarium’s technical director, Chris Spears, posted a video to the Shroud of the Avatar forums, in which the current in-game model of the Darkstarr Moondial backer reward gets shown off a bit:

For those who were following this thread, just thought I would share that I actually put the moon dial into the game engine earlier and captured it. Before anyone says anything about no AA, I was using 8X AA, the jaggies are from Youtube compression. I do think we need to turn up to the normal map a bit and maybe was to a specific metal shader but that can wait till tomorrow.

Here it is on the upstairs balcony of your future house… if you like trees at least.

He then went on to note that work on the model was still progressing:

…it isn’t 100% done. The pivot points are off just slightly which gives each ring a bit of a wobble. I actually kind of like that but I would really like to be able to make the planet in the middle rotate as well.

It’ll look neat, I think, to trip across these when wandering through New Britanna, as it is likely that more than a few will end up decorating the yards of players. Then again, if one plays in the purely offline mode, without even grabbing persistent world updates from the server, will one even see these housing adornments? It offers an interesting take on the geocentric model of the universe, with New Britannia’s shattered moon prominently on display. I’m not sure whether the other celestial bodies are all intended to be moons, or whether some are representative of other planets that orbit the same sun as New Britannia…but either way, the sky above the world is not a boring place!

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