And Now Star Citizen Has Raised $14 Million

Just a brief note here: Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen recently hit the $14 million milestone in its ongoing crowdfunding campaign. Cloud Imperium Games are looking ahead to the $15 million and $16 million milestones, each of which will see significant new features added to the game.

A recent update posted by Cloud Imperium also went into some detail about how the game’s economy will work…and frankly, it kind of hearkens back to the proposed Artificial Life engine that was ultimately cut from Ultima Online prior to shipping:

Sure, that 300i is a gorgeous ship, but keeping it fully-stocked with missiles is a complicated process. First, the factory making the missiles needs raw materials, so it generates missions for players and AI units to bring some. If the space adventurers are successful, then great. If they’re, for instance, constantly set upon by pirates, the factory will generate missions to eliminate pirates in the area.

If production falters, the price of missiles can go up, which could leave that pretty 300i open to the sorts of folks that don’t worry about buying missiles because they keep stealing all the materials.

More details here.