Shroud of the Avatar: New Developer Forums, Amazon Payments, and More

The latest update to the Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter page contains a round-up of news. Nothing to do with progress being made on the game itself, unfortunately, but those of you who backed the project at the Developer ($400) level or above may be interested in the new forums:

The Development team at Shroud of the Avatar is delighted to announce that the private Developer Forums are up and ready for everyone who pledged at the Developer level and above. If you already have a Shroud of the Avatar forum account, getting started is as easy as signing in at the new address: You’ll need to bookmark this link until we modify the navigation buttons on the SotA website.

Use your SotA email address and password to log into the Developer Forums. If your Shroud of the Avatar account shows that you have pledged at the Developer level and above, you will have complete access to the new private forums, can upload custom signatures, access our exclusive Developer Blogs, earn special forum titles, and more!

As well, for those of you who haven’t pledged yet, or for those of you who have been contemplating upgrading your Kickstarter pledge but would like to keep the payment method the same, Amazon Payments are now accepted at the Shroud of the Avatar website proper. A monthly payment plan option should become available later this month.

Finally, there are three new team members at Portalarium: Isaac Oster, Bren Wilson, and Geoff Mellon.