CD Projekt Sundays

There were a few more previews of The Witcher 3 released this week, and an interview with the game’s director. Other than that, though, it has been a quiet week for our favourite Polish RPG developers.

Okay, so…that isn’t true. Actually, it was true, when I drafted the post on Friday. But since then, well…there have been a few previews of The Witcher 3 published…most of which, rather than simply heaping praise on the game, focus on various details of its design. The game’s developers also gave a couple of interviews.

One detail in particular that has been all over the news this weekend is the changes to the game’s combat model with respect to its predecessor. Which I think, overall, will be a positive change; I know a few people around here have expressed frustration at various points with combat in The Witcher 2.