The Wing Commander CIC Hits a Major Milestone

Over the Memorial Day long weekend, the Wing Commander CIC celebrated a truly significant milestone in its long-running mission to bring news and historical insights to the Wing Commander fandom:

Back in May 2003, I never would have predicted how many cool and amazing stories we’d still have to share with everyone. In total since 1998, we’ve posted some 12,000 items in the news. In just the last few weeks, we’ve reported on the WC Movie’s upcoming Blu-ray release, shown off a video of the 1997 WC FPS pitch, gotten a Kilrathi easter egg in the new Ultima Forever and reported that Wing Commander music will be featured in a live Austin Symphony Concert this fall. Those are just the ‘official’ news blurbs! The real meat of our regular update slate comes from all the amazing fan projects that Wingnuts are constantly undertaking. capi’s RPG was released last week, more of Klavs’ amazing 3D prints are available and new projects like Flat Commander, just to name a few, floor us with the dedication and ingenuity of the Wing Commander community. Here’s to many more years of continued success!

Ten straight years of continuous daily updates…the mind boggles. A big congratulations, then, from the Ultima Codex to the CIC, for a decade of uninterrupted activity, and for their continued work as the fan hub to inspire all fan hubs.