Rustic Dragon Will Be Holding Regular Virtual Dragonsmeets

Talented musician and all-around decent chap Rustic Dragon has announced that he would like to hold regular virtual Dragonsmeets via Google+. Per his website, here are the basic details:

I’m already brainstorming topics/activities for future events, which I’ll list here. However, your suggestions are welcome and encouraged!

  • More Music Conservatories (of course)
  • Words/concepts you learned from Ultima
  • SotA discussions of recent Portalarium livestreams
  • Hearth of Britannia roundtable discussions
  • Your Ultima inspired projects/fan-fics/etc.

Plus: prizes!

For those of you that were a part of the Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter Celebration, you may remember that there were a few fun door prizes for those who attended. My favorite door prize, the complete set of Ultima games from Good Old Games went to Brian Taheny, a SotA backer who had never played any of the Ultima games.

It made me so happy to be able to connect a member of the next generation of Lord British fans to the older generation that I’ve decided that each and every Rustic Dragon Google Hangout will have one door prize of a complete set of Ultima games from Good Old Games to any SotA backer who hasn’t played any of the original Ultima games but wants to. To be a qualified entrant, you need to announce yourself in the Hangout, tell us your SotA/Ultima story, and you’ll be entered to win the prize!

The exact timetable hasn’t been drawn up just yet, although per his post about it to the Ultima Dragons Facebook group, the first may be held from 7:00 – 11:00 p.m. EST next Wednesday, and every two weeks thereafter. Personally, although I’ll admit that my ability to participate in such events will likely be limited, I think this is a grand idea, and a fun and modern way for members of the UDIC to hang out and interact in ways beyond comment forms and social media groups.