New Project: Chronicles of Sosaria

Set in Sosaria circa Ultima 3 (albeit with a slightly different map that includes some features from Shroud of the Avatar’s game world), Chronicles of Sosaria’s first chapter will tell the story of a young thief named Raven. When she agrees to recover a rare lost artifact for a mysterious client, she quickly becomes embroiled in a terrifying plot to restore Mondain’s shattered Gem of Immortality. Presumably, the complete story of Raven will play out over multiple episodes.

Terrormaster asserts that the project is coming along quite well. He is building it in RPG Maker 2000, an older but stable and well-supported technology. Much of the world-building is done, including the map for Sosaria, several towns (which are based on the Ultima 5 towns), and some of the moon shrines. Day/night cycles are supported, wind direction changes and affects travel by frigate, and moon phases are being worked on. Basic things like doors and sleeping in beds have also been implemented.

As such, I have set up a new project entry for it. And I have even added this recent set of screenshots that Terrormaster posted to the Ultima Dragons Google+ group to said entry! The project is looking very good indeed, for what its creator asserts are the fruits of a couple of weeks of work.