Euotopia Update: Website Makeover, New Screenshots, Client Update

Euotopia, formerly known as EUO, is a 2D MMORPG featuring graphics and gameplay that anyone familiar with Ultima 4 should feel right at home with. In recent weeks, the game has seen a few significant updates, not the least of which has been the overhaul of its website (complete with a new set of screenshots)!

As well, in addition to numerous clan-related updates, the game’s client has seen some significant revisions recently:

  • npc chat window – inspired by my favourite game ever, Morrowind. You can click on the words!
  • learning tomes: now moved into read (default r), added sfx when learned – shift R no longer required and scrapped
  • option to log chat to a file
  • added lua client key hit script auxbox_keypressed(raw, ch, scancode) – I’ll post example soon
  • new monster butcherable corpse tile
  • purple portal tile (for future use)
  • clicking on a small sign tile will tell you what it says
  • when use alt+dir to use item (eg axe) f9 remembers that direction
  • can unbind an item bound to key by just hitting that key again as if to bind
  • don’t need to press alt when binding items to f keys (meaning you can now bind an item to f4)
  • added grey wizard avatar so can be dyed and used on various npcs (not for sale!)
  • dropped use item cooloff to 1 sec, down from 1.5 sec
  • slowed down visible missile speed
  • trolls axe-missiles now drawn
  • client message box now groups repeated messages
  • fixed large threatbox incorrect size
  • scrapped use-attack toggle (just bind item to f2 and use alt+dir)
  • fixed ancient client bug where anims would go nuts when lots happening on screen
  • fixed client when click on screen when talking to npc, it wrote a number in chat

You can find a download link for the latest game client at the Euotopia website, or here at the project entry.

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  1. This is such a great game…