The Ultima Codex Interviews Bill Armintrout

These days, Bill Armintrout runs The Miniatures Page, a web magazine for fans of tabletop minifig gaming. Before that, however, he designed a handful of board games, and wrote and edited a number of books for Steve Jackson Games, Bard Games, and as a freelancer.

And he cultivated a very repsectable CV as a computer game designer, as well. He got his start in the industry as a writer for Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle, and was soon directing the project personally after a number of the company’s directors quit rather suddenly. And while Serpent Isle is probably his most well-known game, it was not the only one he contributed to whilst at Origin Systems. He wrote AI code for Pacific Strike, worked as a designer for BioForge, and directed the canceled BioForge 2 project (among other things).

He also worked at a number of other game development companies in the years after his departure from Origin, including Second Nature Interactive, Psygnosis, and Vicarious Visions.

And he’s been quite generous with his time toward Ultima fans; some of you may recall that he answered a few questions about Serpent Isle’s original design a while ago, for Old Aiera.

That generosity has not, it would seem, slipped during the intervening years, as Mr. Armintrout very graciously agreed to answer another battery of questions from myself and Sergorn Dragon, which the Ultima Codex is pleased to present here.