Spiegel Online’s Retro Gamer Plays Ultima 5

First, a note of thanks to both Dominus and Tribun Dragon for sending in the link to this article at Spiegel Online, the web presence of Germany’s most well-known weekly news magazine. In it, Spiegel’s “Retro Gamer” takes on — and comments on — Ultima 5.

Dominus also kindly provided a rough translation of the opening of the article:

The Ultima Series is one of the foundations of the RPG genre. For many the 7th part is the crown of the famous roleplay series by Richard Garriott, for others it is “Ultima 5”. Common for both games is the not so stereotypical plot, that is about more than good or evil.

He also translated the Retro Gamer’s “verdict”:

Ultima 5 is one of the all times best RPG, because it offered a lot of depth and freedom on how to proceed with the game.

He’s not wrong!