Piranha Bytes Tuesdays

It’s been a while since last we heard from German RPG developer Piranha Bytes. But according to the RPG Codex and PCGamesHardware.de, a German gaming news site, it is rumoured that they may in fact be working on Risen 3, the next entry in their fantasy (and, more recently, pirate-themed) RPG series and spiritual successor to the Gothic games. And this third instalment may potentially be entitled Blazing Oceans.

3 Responses

  1. Sergorn says:

    Considering Risen 2 seemed to seel very poorly, I’m actually surprised.

    I still think they deserve better than Deep Silver though 😛

  2. tasteofink says:

    deepsilver is perfect for them we love them but thier audience isnt so big if they were shooting for thoes kinda numbers they would just go under

    • Sergorn says:

      I think Deep Silver is just as bad as Jowood was had have a lot to blame for Risen 2’s issues. The game wsa completly rushed, and they stopped support after a single patch who didn’t fix a lot, leaving once again the community to fix all the mess.

      And I’m pretty sure they’re the one making PB releasing their games on consoles – and in the end consoles versions of both Risen 1&2 were terrible, had abyssmal sales and only hurt development on the PC version..

      So yeah I think PB deserves a better publisher, because it feels to me Deep Silver is really treating them like crap.