Lord British Presents…Another Map Piece!

The Facebook page for Richard Garriott’s Ultimate RPG has seen the addition of another puzzle piece-shaped section of the game’s map. This time, there’s what appears to be a lake of lava visible, with a tower at one end and a castle north thereof. And, of course, there was a small announcement accompanying the picture:

Less then 3 days left until Lord British reveals what waits beyond! The path to Truth can be filled with peril; Are you prepared to battle for Honor in a dangerous and exciting new land? www.lordbritishpresents.com

And as the cropping is once again brutal, check the first post about the map puzzle for a full version of the new piece.

Interestingly, this piece doesn’t align — at all — with the piece from yesterday, so at present there’s nothing for us to attempt to put together. Hopefully tomorrow’s piece will allow us to start assembling this map!

Oh, and…as Browncoat Jayson points out in the other post, Felicia Day (Codex Dragon, people) has taken note of what Lord British is up to, and is duly excited:

We’ll know what it’s for in just a couple more days!

5 Responses

  1. T.J. Brumfield says:

    I think Richard Garriot saw Felicia Day’s poetry and decided he needed to inspire some more.


  2. mark says:

    Just a guess here, but it looks dual scale