Lord British Presents…A Third Map Piece

Once again the Facebook page for Richard Garriott’s Ultimate RPG has unveiled another puzzle piece-shaped section of the game’s map. On this piece, twin cities lie across an inlet at the edge of the map, and a compass rose dominates sea. As usual, there was a small announcement accompanying the picture:

Think you’ve decrypted what waits beyond? Are you even traveling in the right direction? www.lordbritishpresents.com

As the cropping is once again brutal, check the first post about the map puzzle for a full version of the new piece.

This piece still doesn’t align with either of the previous pieces, so at present there’s nothing for us to attempt to put together. This may be a larger map than we first expected!

11 Responses

  1. Sergorn says:

    Reminds me of Montor

  2. mark says:

    I was going to say the same thing! What to make of the fact that they use they exact same icon? Also their proximity to each other is another tick in the dual-scale column. The fact that they are right on the border i guess tells us we are only looking at a portion of the map.

  3. Daniel says:

    Might be Skara Brae though, if you accept it has expanded over to the other side of the bridge maybe.

  4. krtbuni says:

    Highly unlikely on Skara Brae; that was on an island, wasn’t it? That looks more like the Montors from Sosaria.

  5. Sergorn says:

    I’m pretty sure this is not a map of Britannia you know.

    Keep in mind Lord British doesn’t own Ultima.

  6. Not being an Ultima doesn’t preclue the appearance of a Skara Brae. The same name was used in Bard’s Tale.

    Actually, a lot of the names could probably be reused. The maps and such obviously not, but I’m not certain what exactly is covered by the copyright for Ultima…

    • Sergorn says:

      That’d a good point about the names.

      But while the map is obviously meant to remind us of Britannia, what I mean is that we’re not going to figure out where these puzzle pieces fit on the Britannian map since this will be a different map.

  7. enderandrew says:

    Sosaria isn’t trademarked.

    He could make a game set in Sosaria.

    • Sergorn says:

      I doubt Britannia is trademarked either since it’s an ancient word used to define Great Britain.

      He’s been talking quite a while of “New Britannia” so I kind of expect this will be the name of this new world.

      And Sosaria is tied to Ultima – there might be a case for a lawsuite if he used the name Sosaria 😛

  8. Daniel says:

    Skara Brae would be no problem,
    since its just an ancient settling from the neolithic time: