Lord British: Livestreaming With Rooster Teeth

Those of you subscribed to the Lord British Presents mailing list should just have received this in your inbox:


And, indeed, as the folks at Rooster Teeth make clear in this news post, they do indeed have something special coming up today:

This Friday, March 8th we will be hosting a Live Stream on RoosterTeeth.com and on RTXEvent.com starting at 10 AM Central.

Most importantly, we have a SECRET SPECIAL GUEST joining us. Normally, I would spoil it for everyone, but you’ll have to watch to find out who it is! Be there or be as lame as shoobies kicking sand in potato salad.

So…hit up one of Rooster Teeth’s websites, or the Lord British Presents website, in about an hour and fifteen minutes to see what Richard Garriott has to say!