Dr. Dungeons Reveals a Revamped MADMAN

It would appear that Dr. Dungeon, the creator of the Ultizurk series (and other games), is working on a revamped version of MADMAN. And he has even posted a pair of videos on his brand new YouTube channel. The first shows off some gameplay:

…and the second shows off the world editor, which I must say seems fairly sophisticated:

Dr. Dungeon and his associate, PeeWee, have also been posting a few updates to a thread at RPGCodex, and from there we can learn that Dr. Dungeon has suspended work on Ultizurk 4 for the time being, in order to work on this new engine and complete the MADMAN remake. The engine’s combat system is evidently complete, and the magic system is being worked on at present.

Other details about the engine, and MADMAN, include:

  • It is a full turn-based system, doesn’t scale to your level. The monsters walk fully animated around the map facing the right directions, homing in on the player, flanking him, and attacking with a wide range of melee, ranged and magical attacks, often flanking the player and running when badly damaged.
  • Even their steps (and yours) make different sounds depending on the terrain you’re walking on.
  • The player has many strategic choices in combat, can change weapon sets, mix and make some potions, and if clever enough can even outsmart some powerful monsters on occasion.
  • Monsters are also placed carefully – they are there for a reason, and each has a history behind it and in some cases a whole culture and even towns where they live. It is possible to even make a truce with some monsters.

Once this new engine and the MADMAN remake are complete, work will resume on Ultizurk 4. Dr. Dungeon seems quite intent on making sure that his new games are marketed and sold more widely. I wonder if someone could suggest to him to try and get his work up on GOG, not unlike the developer of The Real Texas was able to do?

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  1. Infinitron says:

    The final, registered version of the original MADMAN will be heading your way at some point, hopefully.