Star Citizen: Over $5 Million Raised, End-of-Campaign Livestream Underway!

If you can get to the Roberts Space Industries website, and/or to the livestream page thereat, well…at this exact second, you won’t see much, because the Cloud Imperium Games live team have gone for supper. However, the RSI website proudly proclaims that over $5 million has been raised to support the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42, which is one hell of a record-shattering crowdfunding performance.

And if they manage to hit $5.5 million within the next…16 to 17 hours, I think…then the carrier class depicted in the image above this post will become a playable ship in the Star Citizen. (As Tom Petty says: “Oh, my, my. Oh, hell yes.”)

So…if you haven’t yet pledged your support of Star Citizen, consider doing so. And if you’re able (and the site don’t crash…again…), tune into the livestream and watch the final hours of the campaign play out!

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  1. iceblade says:

    you can watch all of the feeds here:

    They are using UStream so even if the site goes down, you can access the feed.

  2. iceblade says:

    Sorry I didn’t mention this earlier. RG will be on the Livestream in a few minutes.

  3. iceblade says:

    He’s on now

  4. iceblade says:

    6 million !!!!!

  5. iceblade says:

    Btw, here’s a recording of the live stream… not sure how long it will remain up. There were several interviews thoroughout the steam. RG is at 21:32:30. The feed was between okay to really choppy most of the 25 hours. Weirdly, I don’t remember it being this choppy when I watched it live… maybe the UStream fidelity is both producer and viewer dependent.

  6. Alfie says:

    Nearly 7 M$… And I’m in, I was a great fan of Wing Commander and also Privateer games.