Piranha Bytes Tuesdays

It’s been a few weeks since there’s been any Piranha Bytes-related news to report. As it turns out, however, the company is celebrating their fifteenth anniversary this year, and two separate publications have published retrospectives of the Germany-based developer’s storied history.

Gamers.de’s piece is more of an interview than an actual title-by-title retrospective, but it covers the majority of Piranha Bytes’ history, from Gothic to Risen 2, and briefly inquires as to what the company sees in its future. Piranha Bytes, for their part, don’t give a particularly direct answer, save to note that whatever their next move, it will be calculated to keep them solvent.

PC Games Hardware, meanwhile, offers a more traditional retrospective, which walks through the company’s history from its inception (with an untitled, unreleased game that was evidently reminiscient of Ultima Underworld), through the Gothic series and, subsequently, the Risen series.

If you’ve ever been curious about the genesis and history of this German RPG developer, today is your lucky day; have a read!