Obsidian Fridays

Obsidian’s Kickstarter campaign for Project Eternity still has a few days left to go, and just today they hit another major (and, in my opinion, necessary) stretch goal: the addition of George Ziets (Mask of the Betrayer) to the development team.

Naturally, the team at Obsidian are excited to talk about the project; Chris Avellone gave interviews to RipTen, Obsolete Gamer, 1UP, The Verge, and IndieRPGs; Josh Sawyer did a video interview with Matt “Matt Chat” Barton, and talked with Shadeheart; and the team even held a live chat today.

Oh, and they also released this gorgeous screenshot:

PC Gamer has a round-up of what is known, thus far, about Eternity, and GameBanshee has another round-up of social commentary about the game.

Oh, and have those of you who’ve supported the game joined the Obsidian Order yet?

Finally, Obsidian also announced that for certain higher pledge tiers, supporters of Project Eternity will also get a copy of Wasteland 2, just like that. It’s a nice nod to the partnership between Obsidian and inXile, I think. (Speaking of Wasteland 2, check out this interview with Brian Fargo about how selecting the Unity 3D engine has proved beneficial to Wasteland 2’s development.)

Chris Avellone also spoke with The Verge about Fallout: New Vegas and how Obsidian expanded its universe over time. He also gave a presentation at GDC Online to the same effect, discussing how his team went about writing DLC for the game.

Finally, Avellone also sat down with Joystiq to discuss South Park: The Stick of Truth. He also mentioned that he really does have no clue what Interplay’s plans for the resurrected Black Isle Studios might be.

2 Responses

  1. Infinitron says:

    You forgot to mention the announcement of an expansion pack (add 20 dollars to your pledge to preorder it)

  2. Sslaxx says:

    Dunno what “Black Isle” are going to do, except for going down when Interplay’s cash finally runs out. Company *seriously* needs to be put out of its misery.