BioWare Tuesdays

There is a right way and a wrong way to do Mass Effect-inspired (and Dragon Age-inspired) art. Just for the record.

Speaking of art, BioWare artist Richard Boylan has released a horror movie, which looks about every bit as messed up as you’d expect. Also, don’t miss these bits of artwork from former BioWare artist Mike Sass; very interesting takes on some BioWare properties and some other notable games.

PlayStation 3 owners will finally get the chance to play the original Mass Effect on their consoles, by way of a Mass Effect trilogy bundle that EA just announced. The trilogy bundle is also coming to PC and Xbox 360, of course, and will include…some of the DLC that have been released for all three games.

Oh, and Mass Effect 3 patch 1.04 was released recently, correcting various bugs and exploits in the game, on both the single-player and multiplayer sides.

In like manner, Star Wars: The Old Republic update 1.4 was released, ushering in the Terror from Beyond scenario. BioWare has also posted a Companions 101 series entry looking at Djannis, one of the new races introduced in the update.

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  1. renaak renaak says:

    ugh, anime = burn with fire

    Death Metal Horror reminds a bit of Death Metal Zombies from the mid-90s 😉