Bethesda Thursdays

First things first: if you haven’t yet checked out Dead End Thrills “Parting Shots” Skyrim series yet, click on through and do so. Like…right now. It’s okay. I’ll wait.

And when you’re back from that, go and check out these 360 degree time-lapsed in-game panoramics.

Okay, all done looking at pretty pictures? Good. Here’s something else that’s cool: over 10,000 Skyrim mods have been submitted to the Steam community. I can’t tell you how many of those are any kind of good, of course, but…the game hasn’t been out for all that long, so 10,000 mods is a pretty overwhelming number.

Sony is evidently working closely with Bethesda to figure out a way to get the various DLC for Skyrim working with the PlayStation 3 version of the game, and are throwing a large support team at the problem. Not that the prognosis for actually getting the DLC onto the PS3 has improved, of course.

Also, reviews for the Hearthfire DLC continue to pour in, and (as has been the case with Skyrim DLC thus far) they continue to be middling.

Also, I think it’s fair to say that PC Gamer is having way too much fun with Skyrim. Not only has Tom Francis continued his increasingly challenging Illusionist playthrough, but Richard Cobbett has begun what he calls a “Week of Madness” attempt at playing the game (though it is not, as he notes, madness without method).

And of course, Dishonored is getting the living heck promoted out of it. There’s a behind the scenes video, an iPad-specific version of the game’s Rat Assassin promotional Fruit Ninja clone, and this great little video about immersion in the game and how Arkane hopes you’ll lose yourself in its world.

And of course there have been more previews and interviews, all of which just serve to underline how awesome the game sounds as though it will be. Especially when Arkane’s Julien Roby starts explaining that people are getting tired of an endless parade of sequels to established series…music to the ears, that is! And then there’s this little bit of awesome, which looks at the freedom in the game’s…er…gameplay.

Also, some Dishonored developers will be speaking at the upcoming Eurogamer Expo this month. So for those of you who’ll be in London between the 27th and the 30th…

And don’t miss this map of Dishonored’s game world, or the accompanying interview, agian with executive producer Julien Roby.

Finally, just so you know, Bethesda has no plans to develop titles for the Wii U (the pricing for which was announced earlier today). Also, Zini (from the Titans of Ether) has been keeping busy on the OpenMW project, and has solved a bug involving target handling in the engine.

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  1. Sslaxx says:

    Hearthfire, hmm dunno. When it comes out on PC, if there are mods in the future that expand upon what it has to offer then maybe. Otherwise, might look for a decent indie title for the price of it.