Ultima Return: New Team Members

Sergorn Dragon has made a few changes to the team roster at the Ultima Return website, the first indication we’ve seen in a while that the Ultima-inspired Neverwinter Nights 2 mod is still alive and being worked on.

Notably, he has marked the following team members as “gone but not forgotten”:

Jolyn “Nytefall” Kitzer
Lead 2D Artist

Kat “1351” Orphanides
Editor, Designer, Writer

Danny “Disordah” Munday
Designer, Writer

Chris “MidnightCrow” Rowe

Alexandre “Alfie” Langry-François

And has added the following names to the list:

James Trujillo
Editor, Writer

Andrea “Saphireena” Fryer
Lead Portrait Artist

Daji San
Pixel Artist

Here’s hoping we’ll see some more proof of life from the project team soon!