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The console port of Risen 2 was released just recently, bringing swashbuckling pirate RPG action to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem the delay resulted in a net improvement to the game, which was harshly criticized upon its initial release for various oversights and gameplay issues.

The dialogue and quests are well written, trope busting, and often funny. Most situations allow for a variety of clever, sarcastic, or plain mean responses that paint the unnamed protagonist in an amusingly unflattering light. He has no time for the contrived setups that define most RPG quests and lets the NPCs know it. Risen 2’s tone and setting are a wonderful break from typical RPG settings, with selfish governors being defrauded by lazy guards who are colluding with honorable pirates – none of whom are spared the hero’s caustic tongue. Too bad this great setup is wasted by incompetent execution.


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  1. Sergorn says:

    A lackluster console port? What a surprise!