Bethesda Thursdays

Well, what was rumour last week turned out to be fact this week: Hearthfire is the name of the next Skyrim DLC, and it will be coming to Xbox versions of the game next week. No word yet on when PC gamers will get to try it out. The big feature this time around seems to be player housing, and also the possibility of adopting children…which I suppose is neat, though I’d have to imagine that these aren’t the only things that Hearthfire offers.

Oh, wait…it adds new tools and suchlike to the game. That’s cool, right?

Here’s something that is cool: new wallpapers, which I think are mostly from The Elder Scrolls Online, though some may be from Skyrim. Also, this fan-made epic mega-battle video is worth checking out.

Uh…okay…is it just me, or does most Skyrim-related news sound lame in comparison to Dishonored?
Well…to be fair, this “game” that was evidently released to promote Dishonored and show off some of its gameplay in a series of trailers sounds as though it is all manner of lame. Ditto the creepy masks that are being given away at PAX to promote the game.

On the other hand, this artwork from the game, a mix (I think) of in-game and concept art, is just breathtaking, and Dishonored continues to amass glowing testimony from those fortunate enough to preview it.

I tell ya: if this game turns out to be a stinker, it will be remembered as one of the biggest letdowns in gaming history.

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  1. Sslaxx says:

    PS3 owners are furious at Bethesda seeing as it looks like (dull surprise) none of the DLC will be coming to the platform…