Ultima Campaign Posters! (Updated: Even More Posters!)

It being an election year in the United States, some of the Ultima Dragons started riffing on the idea of nominating beloved Ultima characters for the presidential office. It was innocent enough when Rachel Bostwick led with:

Gwenno for president. Just sayin. =)

But then Shadow of Light chimed in with:

I’m not taking any of these presidential proposals seriously until I see some good campaign posters and catchy slogans. :I

Well, then!

What he said.

So various Dragons — including myself, Shadow of Light and Rustic Dragon — fired up their copies of Photoshop, Paint, Phoster, or whatever, and came up with a handful of election posters based on suggestions from UDIC members:

If you’re on Facebook and a member of the UDIC group there, feel free to add your own contributions to the gallery that’s been set up there. Or fire them out on Twitter!

2 Responses

  1. jaesun says:

    These were hilarious! I really enjoyed them. Salute to those that made these.