Random Wednesdays

Over at Kotaku, I spied an interesting bit of wistful musing by Dave Oshry, who found some images of Curt Schilling and other “visionaries” from 38 Studios in an old folder full of photos. And yeah, it’s still damn sad, and sadder still (pace Oshry) that in a few years the whole fiasco and the promising studios that it brought down will barely be remembered.

News from Overhaul Games: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will have paid DLC. For some, this news will be taken as an example of a company finding ways to enhance and expand old games with bundles of new and exciting content. For others, it will be taken as a sign of the end times.

The Legend of Grimrock level editor has reached the alpha state. It actually looks pretty sweet and full-featured, not to mention easy to use. While its full capabilities are not yet known, it certainly shows a measure of promise; would-be Ultima fan developers may wish to take note.

Infinitron Dragon will be happy that I am able, this week, to include some news pertaining to Eidos Montreal: European PlayStation Plus subscribers can, from now until next month, play Deus Ex: Human Revolution for free. Relatedly, Deus Ex: Invisible War is now available on GOG.com.

Finally, Snowbird Games — makers of Mount and Blade — have announced that their upcoming pirate-themed RPG, Caribbean, will be available this fall. As in: September. Probably. It sounds like a pretty interesting game, actually, with a focus on sea battles and raiding ships. It’s billed as an RPG, but likely has RTS elements as well since…well…Snowbird.