Jeff Skalski Is Listing the Eight Virtues…One By One…

It was mysterious enough when Jeff Skalski, Ultima Franchise Producer at BioWare Mythic, tweeted this a couple weeks ago:

But in the midst of his Independence Day revelry (at least, I hope there was revelry), he still found time to tweet this:

And now, a day later (today), he has tweeted this:

It remains to be seen if he’ll tweet the name of another of the Eight Virtues tomorrow, but if he does…at a rate of one Virtue per day, he’d tweet the last Virtue on Wednesday of next week.

The question is: what, if anything, does this signify? Is it a countdown of some sort? Or is the Ultima Franchise Producer just musing on the philosophical principles that inform the minds and hearts of the people of Britannia?

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  1. Sanctimonia Sanctimonia says:

    Obviously a countdown. If it’s anything less we’re being abused. Hopefully the game won’t constitute IP abuse and will somehow live up to wildly varying and possibly mutually-exclusive expectations from disparate fanbases. Something for everyone, but less for someone who wanted a more focused gameplay style. Compromises.

  2. Sergorn says:

    He has now posted “Sacrifice”

    So yeah I expect something when the number of virtues runs out.

  3. Hmmm… Eight Britannian Virtues, Three Principles, the Axiom, Eight Gargish Virtues, Three Principles, not to mention Ophidian ones… hey, this could last all month!

  4. mark says:

    Maybe he is just playing through u4 again

  5. MicroMagic says:

    Oh it probably doesn’t mean anything, they’re just pulling on our heart strings.

  6. SolDaeDra says:

    Perhaps it signifies the release of Ultima IX on

    • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

      I can assure you with reasonable certainty that it’s not that.

      Mostly because I’m still working on getting the U9 package ready for submission to

  7. First: Justice
    Second: Honesty
    Third: Sacrifice
    Fourth: Humility
    Fifth: Honour
    Sixth: Compassion

    Let’s see…
    Justice to the Ultima franchise?
    Honesty (or being true) to the Ultima tradition?
    But we have Sacrifice something
    And be Humble about it
    In Honour of Ultima
    A Compassion to the fans

    What’s left is Valour and Spirituality.
    So continuing the above we might get something like:
    We are calling all men, women, and children of Valour, heed our call…
    As we bring the Spiritual(ity) successor of Ultima!!


  8. DCT says:

    It seems this is teasing the announcement of the free to play Ultima, as Game informer just posted a article about Mythic announcing a new free to play game tomorrow so it stands to reason with Jeff counting down the 8 virtues and Ultima forever’s twitter tweeting yesterday that “virtues things are happening today” and now a announcement that a new free to play game is being unveiled by Mythic Thursday, it stands to reason that it’s the rumored free to play Ultima.