Jeff Skalski Is Listing the Eight Virtues…One By One…

It was mysterious enough when Jeff Skalski, Ultima Franchise Producer at BioWare Mythic, tweeted this a couple weeks ago:

But in the midst of his Independence Day revelry (at least, I hope there was revelry), he still found time to tweet this:

And now, a day later (today), he has tweeted this:

It remains to be seen if he’ll tweet the name of another of the Eight Virtues tomorrow, but if he does…at a rate of one Virtue per day, he’d tweet the last Virtue on Wednesday of next week.

The question is: what, if anything, does this signify? Is it a countdown of some sort? Or is the Ultima Franchise Producer just musing on the philosophical principles that inform the minds and hearts of the people of Britannia?