Eris Monroe, More Than Human

As Stephen Emond pointed out on the Ultima Dragons Facebook group, Bruce Kevin Adams — former designer and writer for Origin Systems — has started a Kickstarter campaign to finance his new novel: Eris Monroe, More Than Human.

“Eris Monroe, More Than Human” is a science fiction odyssey about a woman who was genetically engineered to be perfect in every way. Eris, a special forces operative and leader of a covert group tasked with a series of critical missions, must find a way to overcome the forces arrayed against her. Amid threats and fierce competition from alien races, Eris must guide her team to explore unknown worlds and survive lethal encounters that could change the galactic balance of power. A new Age of Enlightenment has come from the stunning technological leaps mankind has created. Body augmentation, neural implants, psionic abilities, genetic engineering, long lifespans and faster than light travel have all helped to reshape mankind. Alien races that induce awe and fear have been met by the ever-expanding ships exploring distant reaches of the galaxy. Yet people are still people, even those with seemingly superhuman abilities. This is the story of those people, woven together into science fiction at its finest.

He has posted a sample of the story to read, for those interested in a taste of his writing style. The campaign is aiming to raise $5,000, and a $10 donation ensures you an electronic copy of the book in the format of your choosing.