Looking To Create A Scan Archive of Origin Box Covers

A few days ago, Stefan Eriksson created a post on the UDIC Facebook page asking if there were high quality scans of the covers of the original Ultima  games available that were suitable for making posters.

I’m constantly on the road for work, but I was able to provide the following image from my personal collection.

(click  to see the original in its 2000 x 2800 pixel glory)

I’m looking to create an archive of high quality scans of the original box covers for a number of old Origin releases, and I was wondering if there are any fans out there with access to a good scanner and the original source material whom are willing to contribute.  The originals would have to be without creases, major color defects, or stickers of any sort.

The collected scans would then be put on display here at the Origin Gallery for all to enjoy, with credit given to the contributor.

If anyone is interested, please contact me at jeffhoeksma@gmail.com, or post here in this article using your proper email address. Even if you have just one item to scan, all help would be appreciated.