Bethesda Thursdays Meets Obsidian Fridays

Looks like I forgot to post the Bethesda round-up yesterday, so I’m combining it with the Obsidian round-up today. But hey, the two companies have worked togther in the past, so why not pair them up here?

Dawnguard, the first DLC for Skyrim, continues to attract mostly middling reviews. It has won high praise from some reviewers, though. Not all, but some.

Computer and Video Games, meanwhile, is already ruminating about what should be expected from the next Skyrim DLC. Forbes, meanwhile, is looking even further down the road.

Dishonored and The Elder Scrolls Online were both previewed by the Guardian (the UK newspaper, not the villain of the same name), and another Q&A post was added to the Bethesda blog in the last week. Rock, Paper, Shotgun also got a bit of a preview of the game, and offered up a glowing impression thereof.

From the Obsidian side of things, Tim Cain was interviewed by just recently. He offered up many thoughts on the RPG genre in general, and not as many thoughts on the one he’s currently working on (South Park: The Stick of Truth).

GameReactor, meanwhile, sat down with Chris Avellone for a video interview, and they too ranged over a variety of topics. South Park gets discussed, as does Wasteland 2 and the state of the RPG genre in general. Also discussed is the possibility of Obsidian working on other non-AAA titles.

Oh, and speaking of Wasteland 2, it has been announced that the original Wasteland will be included with the game.