Bethesda Thursdays

Reviews continue to pour in for Dawnguard, the first expansion pack DLC for Skyrim. And while the reviews in question tend toward the high side of middling, they are still for the most part middling. Dawnguard, it seems, feels rather myopic compared to Skyrim’s openness, and doesn’t quite live up to expectations.


Dishonored, meanwhile just keeps looking better and more engaging all the time. Though really, it should, given the level of raw talent behind it. If nothing else, click this link right here for a preview of a mission in the game, and just…just read. There is so much awesome bundled up into Tom Francis’ chronicle of a single abduction he performed in the game…especially the part about the piranhas.

Also, the Bethesda Blog posted another Q&A piece, and then a fairly short one.

And on the The Elder Scrolls Online front, there hasn’t been much news over the last couple of weeks, but Matt Firor was interviewed by EDGE just recently. A lot of it seems to concern the subtle — and not-so-subtle — departures from MMORPG conventions that Zenimax Online are aiming to make.