Larian Saturdays

As was covered earlier this week, Belgian game developers Larian Studios have unveiled their newest project: Divinity: Original Sin. Which, by the way, is meant to be a prequel to the original Divine Divinity, not a game set in between Divine Divinity and Divinity 2. (I believe I reported that point incorrectly.) And yes, Larian Studios have cited Ultima 7 as a direct inspiration for the game.

Since the announcement, a few different gaming sites have scored previews of the game, and Larian Studios have made it known that with Original Sin they hope to “address frustrations with Divine Divinity“…both fan frustrations, and possibly their own.

Larian Studios’ founder, Swen Vincke, also released this piece of game-related art on his blog:


Divinity: Original Sin

Original Sin will, just to re-cap, be an isometric, top-down RPG powered by a really quite gorgeous-looking 3D engine that, happily, appears to support interiors and exteriors on a single map. It should feature a lot of old-school mechanics, including crafting and spellcasting systems, turn-based combat, and a fully-interactible (or nearly so) world. The game’s story will be primarily designed for two-player co-op play, but should be entirely playable as a solo effort as well. User-generated content will also be supported via a robust editing toolkit and Steamworks integration.

A first trailer/sneak peak video has also been released:


A look inside...

Original Sin is slated for a 2013 release.

Also, Larian Studios also launched a new website for their current release, Dragon Commander. It’s pretty. And GameBanshee have updated their walkthrough for Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga.