BioWare Mondays

I have no idea whether Operation Savage, the weekend campaign in Mass Effect 3′s multiplayer component that just wrapped up, was a success or a failure, and since I don’t really dabble in that part of the game I also can’t say I care that much about it. If you managed to score yourself a loot box of some value…good show.

The real story this week, though, is tomorrow’s release (for North American players, at least) of Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut. This much-anticipated enhancement to the endgame sequence of Mass Effect 3 will either handily settle the controversy that has surrounded the game’s ending, or re-ignite it with the white-hot fury of a thousand eezo cores. Series executive producer Casey Hudson conceded that not everyone can be completely satisfied, and re-iterated that those hoping for a ground-up rebuild of the game’s endings will be out of luck.

Of course, some people have come up with…other solutions.

The download for Extended Cut clocks in at 1.9 GB, which is larger than even Mass Effect 2′s biggest DLC, Lair of the Shadow Broker. It’s possible that BioWare has added a whole bunch of cutscenes and little else to the game, though I gather that what content will be presented to players will be dependent on the choices made both earlier in the game and throughout the series, and that several playthroughs may be needed to view all the added content. That, at least, sounds like a good thing.

There’s little else in the way of news from BioWare this week. Star Wars: The Old Republic systems designer David Hunt penned a blog post about the upcoming version 1.3 update for the game, and the latest community Q&A answered some questions about the game’s design process (among other things).

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