Back to Roots: Back to Business

JC (also known as Fearyourself) has posted a short update to the website of his Ultima-inspired game engine project, Back to Roots. In it, he offers a short explanation for his recent absence and charts a roadmap for what development he plans to do on the project in the coming weeks and months.

A lot of personal things needed my attention and, being the only developer, paused the project. I have now continued where I left off, which is cleaning up the code base and porting most configuration and data files to a unified XML format.

Before we used to have a flat type of file that made each entry necessary or using a integer to say how many sub-entries were coming up. With the XML format, almost everything is optional, which greatly simplifies the data file format and writing.

I’ve corrected a few bugs that creapt into the code due to my lack of testing the U4 and U5 ports after the dungeon implementation. I’m checking that each city loads correctly and that dialogues work. So most likely, there won’t be major new features in the coming weeks but a lot of cleaning and stabilising. To be honest, that is a good thing in the long term.

He hasn’t posted a video this time around, though presumably we’ll be seeing more of those from him in the future. For now, it seems he is content to work on smoothing out his configuration and data files, and on cleaning up Back to Roots to improve its stability and performance. Laudable goals all!

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