BioWare Mondays

Well, it’s another week, which means it’s time for another look at what BioWare has been up to over the last few days.

Oddly, they haven’t been up to that much, at least not in comparison to recent weeks. Granted, there is still news to report, but whereas I’d usually have over twenty tabs open, this week merits a mere dozen or so.

For any of you who are fans of the Dragon Age comic series, Dark Horse Comics just announced that they will be releasing the first six issues of The Silent Grove as a hardcover volume. The company will also, evidently, be teaming up with BioWare to work on still yet more Dragon Age comics.

BioWare are also conducting a survey — via their German community portal, oddly enough — to collect your thoughts on Mass Effect 3. The survey can evidently be completed in English, and possibly in other languages apart from that and German. Click on over and let BioWare know what you thought of the final game in the Shepard trilogy!

In other Mass Effect news, Brandon Keener — who voices Garrus in the games — was evidently a guest star on Castle recently. And also at Kotaku, some quite excellent Mass Effect-inspired LEGO was highlighted. Stephen Totilo, also at Kotaku, greatly enjoyed the game — even its ending.

And over at Joystiq, Rowan Kaiser waxes at length about the multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect 3, concluding that it is empowered by the game’s role-playing roots, arguing that the backstory the three games provide to the multiplayer context makes the experience significantly richer and more enjoyable.

And then there’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare is offering some pushback to those who are pronouncing the decline of the game, noting that activity in the game has spiked in the wake of the release of its version 1.2 update, its ongoing Rakghoul Plague storyline, and the opening of the game in numerous countries over the last month.

And of course — of course! — SWTOR went on sale for May the 4th (also known as Star Wars Day).