I Am A Game Photographer: The Sims 3 (iPhone)

Rock, Paper, Scissors asked it; here’s my answer: I most certainly am. It started, innocently enough, with Mass Effect, when toward the end of a recent playthrough I rediscovered Steam’s F12 screenshot feature. Since then, things have gotten rather more out of hand. But until recently, I haven’t had the foggiest clue what to do with the various compilations of screenshots I’ve collected. I don’t want to put them onto my personal Flickr photostream, nor on Aiera’s photostream. I could host them here, but that can be tedious to manage where backups are concerned.

Enter Google+. I’ve decided to post my photos to my Google+ stream; it has the benefits of being a social network already, offers a really easy upload interface, and it’s trivially easy to link you all to each gallery.

So here, to kick things off, are a handful of screenshots from The Sims 3 (the iPhone port), one of which is pictured below:

[singlepic id=2136 w=480 h=320 float=center]

Fresh out of the bath!

If you need to know why the focus of the images are Sims bathing, having sex, and using the toilet, see the discussion in the comments to this post.

Expect these screenshot-related postings to become something of a regular feature of the site; I’ve been playing a lot more games recently, and I have many, many screenshots to upload. I am, after all (as RPS put it so succinctly), a game photographer!

3 Responses

  1. Sanctimonia Sanctimonia says:

    Nice. Related to our previous discussion, it seems The Sims may be (I haven’t played it) one of the few games that does accurately portray being human.

    • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

      I’d recommend The Sims 3 to anyone. It’s not usually hard to find on sale; pick it up and mess around with it if you get a chance.

      It’s not an action-packed game, and can suffer from the same doldrums that life itself can, but as far as games simulating real human life go…yeah, it’s hard to beat, and something to check out if that’s your interest.

      The iPhone port is pretty fun too (and cheaper!), though a bit scaled back from the full PC game. I can’t remember if there’s an Android port, though it strikes me that I heard tell of one some time ago.