I Am A Game Photographer: Galaxy on Fire 2 (iPhone)

Rock, Paper, Scissors asked it; here’s my answer: I most certainly am. This time around, rather than just post a handful of screenshots from a game I’m still playing casually from time to time, I’ve posted a complete set of over 400 screenshots from a full playthrough of a game: Galaxy on Fire 2, by Fishlabs, for the iPhone.

Here’s three sample images just to get you started:

[singlepic id=2133 w=480 h=320 float=center]

The Wraith

[singlepic id=2134 w=480 h=320 float=center]

Terran fighters charge an enemy formation.

[singlepic id=2135 w=480 h=320 float=center]

Firing on an enemy!

The GOF series — comprised of Galaxy on Fire 3D and the sequel pictured here, Galaxy on Fire 2 — tell the story of former Terran fighter pilot Keith Maxwell, who in the first game is discharged from military service and thrust out into the universe as a freelancer and mercenary. Actually, the first game has little in the way of story; you fly from planet to planet doing missions for the highest bidder. But the flight mechanics are solid, the graphics impressive, and the game an overall enjoyable experience.

In Galaxy on Fire 2, there’s quite a bit more of a story. Maxwell is launched decades into the future in a hyperdrive accident, and wakes up in a strife-ridden corner of the galaxy that — though populated with familiar species and faces — is mostly unfamiliar to him. Presently, he gets caught up in a campaign to defeat the menace and threat of a new alien race, the Void, whose command of wormhole technology allows them to strike at all the different warring alien factions with impunity. Long-time foes will have to unite to defeat the Void threat once and for all.

There is also currently one DLC package for Galaxy on Fire 2, entitled Valkyrie. It’s a fairly short story, but entertaining, and Fishlabs experiment with some interesting game mechanics (especially during the final battle). I imagine that more content is coming, so expect this gallery to grow. But for now, there it is.

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    I Am A Game Photographer: Galaxy on Fire 2 (iPhone)

    I have been playing a lot of games recently, and have been taking screenshots as I go in almost every case. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun put it, I am a game photographer, and I’ll periodically be posting galleries of my playthroughs to my Google+ account.

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