The Ultima Aiera #Ultima IRC Channel Is Live

Thanks to Ultima fan and Twitter user Cody “CeeArrBee” Baxter, I am pleased to be able to say that what I am adopting as the official Ultima Aiera IRC channel is now live.

So…point your IRC clients toward, and join the #Ultima channel.

If you need a decent IRC client, I’ve been using xchat, and it seems decent. But please add your recommendations in the comments!

10 Responses

  1. phanboy4 says:

    Xchat-WDK is a good (free) Windows build of Xchat, since the official Xchat build for Windows is a 30-day limited trial.

  2. OM Curator says:

    Thanks for this, CeeArrBee –Great way to communicate with the fans!
    I find that IRC brings a lot of new input to websites–ideas flow, and thoughts are inspired. Wonderful addition!

  3. Dominus says:

    Finally! 😉
    I’ll add it to my hangouts once I’m back from switzerland next week.

  4. I’m idling in there!

    Back in the good old days we had a little rivalry going between Wing Commander fans on the DALnet who used mIRC and Ultima fans on Undernet who used PIRCH.

    … but I don’t think PIRCH exists anymore. mIRC is still my choice, though!

  5. Cear Dragon says:

    I use the Opera internet browsers built in IRC client. its pretty much the greatest browser on earth. Built in download manager/bit torrent client as well. Its getting more support every day.

    Loving this chatroom!

  6. Cheerful says:

    I might recommend ChatZilla for Firefox.
    Its an easy to use addon and translated into many languages.
    You will find it by searching add-ons for Firefox or by visiting the homepage of the addon

    Save travels

  7. OM Curator says:

    I’m idling–come talk to me!