Forgotten World News

After a few months of no news from the Forgotten World team, Iceblade has posted news of the project’s status to the project’s homepage:

I know news has been rather scarce of late, especially with regard to Forgotten World and patching. RL and other projects (namely for a particular sibling franchise of Ultima *cough*) have kept me occupied the path half-year.

My time away, however, has been involved in the area of programming (Python and Java), so I will be returning into the stream of things with fresh experience, skills and ideas for tool development. For those interested in my other project, visit the site for Wing Commander Fleet Assault.

It will still be a few weeks before progress is running at full steam, and even then it will be involved in tool development. After that, though, work will begin in earnest on fixing more bugs. So with music and Jaana/Mariah fixed, what bugs or features would the people like handled next, which coincidentally is the topic of our next poll. If there is a bug you want fixed next that isn’t listed, let us know.

Our previous poll asked about Ocean Travel with a Boat. Looks like an almost even split between Raven driving and manually and a near equal number being unable to sail due to crashes. Well, taking these numbers into account, the tentative plan is to keep ocean travel as is. Unfortunately, we may be unable to transition the player and ship to a new map if they attempt to do so manually then via dialog with Raven. However, we do plan on leaving goodies on small peripheral islands for those with an explorer’s itch.

The poll is indeed up and running at their site. Personally, I think they should address the issue that almost everyone always complains about — the runes and sigils getting suspended in mid-air — especially since this error seems to be tied to processor speed in some way and thus afflicts almost all modern systems which attempt to run the game.

But that’s just me. Go thou and vote, good Dragons and Dragonettes! Let the team know what you think their next course of action should be!