New pen-and-paper Ultima RPG!

Michael Shorten has released “Siege Perilous,” his Ultima-inspired tabletop RPG.

“Siege Perilous” is an RPG based on the Ultima Age of Darkness CRPG games – #1 through #3. It is developed from an adaptation of the Swords & Wizardry White Box (1st printing) and uses several other sources – Skathros’s S&W Companion Rules, a magic system developed by Arminath, the Minimal Space Combat system by Timoth Swenson and a lot of glue, rewriting, adaptation and content by myself. This game uses names, monsters, spells, settings and features from all 3 of the games.

It’s not a faithful representation of the “canon” timeline – I had to make a hybrid game that a Game Referee could use to represent any point in time with the established Ultima universe. It’s also adaptable enough that a Game Referee can make their own Ultima. Future settings information is going to assume the state of Sosaria in Ultima 1, based on my campaign world.

Released for download are the game’s rulebook, the game referee’s guide, and something called “Hawkwind’s Gazeteer: Perinia,” which is evidently just an outline of some kind at present.

If you’re a fan of pen-and-paper RPGs, good reader, do consider giving this one a try; it looks rather promising! At present, it must be downloaded from Michael’s site; I will add an entry for it to Aiera shortly.

And if there’s someone put there who’d be willing to review the game, please contact me and let me know!