A few old utilities

I was going through the Ultima FTP Archive and noticed that there were a few things there which had not been added to Aiera, but which probably should have been added a goodly while ago. They’re mostly minor utilities, some over a decade old, but for posterity’s sake they have been included on the site here.

Just a minor update, especially coming on the heels of some fairly major ones (below). But hey — I aim to please!

Also, a frothy mug of ale to Ole Petter Ingebrigsen for bringing it to my attention that the ZIP-archive download for the Ultima 4 character editor (a different one, not the one mentioned above) was apparently corrupted. This error has been corrected.

* this also works, apparently, for Savage Empire (thanks Paulon)

2 Responses

  1. Paulon says:

    For the record, the Martian Dreams cheat activator also works just fine for Savage Empire. The details for the cheat functions in SE are on my site at http://www.ultimainfo.net/Codex/SEHack.htm

  2. Thanks, Paulon. I’ll make an update.